Shore Road - Peter Bogaczewicz

Shore Road

“Shore Road” explores the idea of a strong regional identity forged in a part of Canada with a deep connection to living at the ocean's edge. The Series explores questions of how we relate to the places we inhabit, what it reveals about us collectively, and what it means specifically to be living on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

As with any place where people settle, the built environment represents a necessary response to a particular natural environment. Here, both land and water depict the environment, and as happens over time, the relationship becomes deeper, turning form a predominately pragmatic one to more of an emotional one.

On the surface “Shore Road” is a visual survey of the region, but the observations reach deeper, touching on the grounding force of nature, and the passage of time and the role of progress as other forces, sometimes advancing and sometimes leaving communities behind.

The unassuming shore road acts as a metaphor for connectivity as it follows the contours of the shore, snaking along and linking the dots of one coastal community to the next and, like the Canadian Pacific Railway did for all of Canada, helping to fuse a greater shared identity of a Canadian maritime region.

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